About this community

What are some of the intended purposes for this blog site? Why would I expend time to write about these topics? What would cause myself, let alone others, to invest time reading these posts? In a somewhat broad sense, I envision the primary purpose, or focus, of this site is to build community. Now my viewpoint seems to recognize that there are several definitions, or at least several interpretations for the definition, of community. However, I tend to lean towards seeing community as a feeling of fellowship with others, built around a congenial sharing of common interests. When I try to engage in fellowship, I enjoy centering those interactions around food, drink, or a recent book I have read (or currently reading).

Enough with my rambling… check out some of the posts on the site. See for yourself if you find value in this “community”, albeit a growing “community” possibly. Feel free to comment; maintain a congenial tone, and, as often we’re reminded, seek first to understand at all times.