Coffee at The Well

I have a list of approximately 50 coffee shops there in Boston that I am working my way through. Recently, I entered my 24th coffee shop and what a gem it was; not just the coffee, but the business, or rather …. Ministry. I am going to include a link to both their coffee shop (as well as there Who We Are page) and their church.

I took a few minutes and spoke with Hope, who told me a little of their story. They began this coffee shop over in east Boston, and on Sundays would “push the chairs” back and have worship. Apparently, they then launched their nonprofit, The Well Coffee House, where they donate tips and proceeds back into the community through several local community charities around Boston. They now have 3 locations around Boston, this one is just steps off the Freedom Trail by the Old State House.

Their mission is centered around John 14:1-42, where Jesus encountered the Samaritan woman at “the well”. As stated on their web site, they model their business around Jesus’ actions of using “the attraction of the well as an opportunity to build a relationship with the woman, and ultimately change her life with the Gospel.” As the scripture reminds us, it not only impacted the woman, but impacted her community as well.

There is a lot more I could share, but for now, I invite you to meditate on this passage and maybe spend a little time reading the “testimony” of this ministry. I think it would do us all well to reflect on Jesus’ ministry to “the world” and challenge our biases and prejudices in our own lives as we seek to live as Christ modeled for us.

Have a blessed day!