From the Beach to The Porch

Today I completed another book I was reading down at the beach and decided to visit a local kombucha bar here in Daytona Beach known as The Porch. This tea-room is located over in the area across from the Jackie Robinson Ballpark, home of the Daytona Tortugas, the Cincinnati Red’s Single-A farm team.

If you’re not familiar with kombucha it’s a fermented and sweetened tea, generally made from black or green tea. It’s a double fermentation process and now there are many fruit and floral flavors added into the process. Yesterday I had a glass of their lemon ginger tumeric but while speaking with one of the employees about being really interested in their raspberry kombucha, she said they had some coming in today. When I arrived this afternoon, I spoke with the young man, and they went and got the fresh keg of raspberry and “hooked” it up and drew me a glass. It was very refreshing and smooth. He told me a little more about their process and how they control the carbonization thus leading to a very smooth batch.

Kombucha originated in the northeast area of China around 220 B.C. and was believed to have healing properties. The name of the tea, Kombucha, has been reportedly derived from the name of a Korean physician, Dr. Kombu, who carried the drink into Japan to treat an emperor. As trade routes began expanding in the early 20th century, the drink made its way into Russia and Germany and on across Europe. It has been in the United States for decades but has recently made another surge in popularity. There are some who continue to believe it has healing properties and some of its popularity is related to recent fads associated with probiotics. Believe what you want, but for me, it’s a nice drink to sip while relaxing with a book.

When you can find a kombucha bar like this one you can even try various flavors such as jalapeno pineapple, blood orange, and strawberry lavender just to name a few. They also have acai bowls freshly made, muffins, and some coffee drinks. The staff is so friendly and very welcoming. I even understand that they have Sunday worship events. Yet another example of a community business building relationship within their community.

If you are ever in the Daytona Beach area, I highly recommend you find this place and take a break and enjoy a visit to The Porch. You can also find them on Facebook here